Let’s Save the USPS!

The USPS is something that most of us have never questioned. It just exists and that’s the end of it. We all have a love/hate relationship with the mailbox…it brings holiday cards and party invitations, but also bills, IRS statements, and junk mail. But in all seriousness, we have to remember that the Post Office delivers medicine, food, stimulus checks, tax refunds, and, of course, mail-in ballots. The fact that this institution has existed since 1775 (Did you know that Ben Franklin was the first Postmaster General?) and serves every citizen equally and equitably, we need to do all that we can to make sure that it exists for all people, and for all reasons.

So here are some action items you can take to help keep the USPS alive and well!
  1. Buy stamps! They say if just half the US bought a sheet of stamps ($11), the USPS would raise $1.5 billion immediately.  Amazing.
  2. Email, call or tweet your representatives! Ask them to speak out publicly on the issue and why the USPS is important.
  3. Text USPS to 50409. After texting this number, Resistbot will send letters to your senators in support of the postal service. (I did it. So quick and easy!)
  4. Teach your kids about Snail Mail...we did a post about it! Make postcards and send them to your friends and relatives!
  5. Diversify your lemonade stand offerings and sell stamps like these kids in San Francisco!
  6. Make a dental floss mailbox (instructions below) for your kids’ dollhouse! Ok, maybe it won’t do anything to help but it’s dang cute!
how to make a dollhouse mailbox
How to make your dollhouse mailbox: Just pull out and discard the empty floss wheel, paint the outer box blue, and attach small white letter stickers to the front. Use glue dots to attach to the side of the dollhouse.

August 17, 2020| Early Elementary, Everyday Crafts, Older Elementary, Upcycled