Mini-Pumpkin Tic-Tac-Toe

When Halloween rolls around, I feel like a pumpkin hoarder. I gawk at pumpkins from taxi cab windows, I marvel at the ones with no blemishes, and I can’t help talking to the mini ones in a baby voice. Weird, I know, but it stems from my years as a stylist, when the Great Pumpkin Hunt for the most photogenic pumpkin is on!

tictactoe pumpkins project kid

I’m always attracted to these little dudes because, obv, they are so cute, and you can just pop a few in your purse and whip up a craft later.

When my new, awesomely creative assistant Clare (you’ll be hearing from her on the blog soon enough!) came up with Tic-Tac-Toe pumpkin idea, I knew I wanted to make it happen. So I grabbed 9 jack-be-littles, painted X’s and O’s on the top with acrylic paint, and made a board on the floor with painter’s tape! Or you can throw down some sticks in your backyard and play in the grass—a great game for a fall festival party or backyard Halloween fete.

Here’s a snappy little video I made with the help of my son, Oliver. Enjoy!

x and o pumpkins

October 5, 2016| Fall, Halloween, Holidays, Nature