Monster Mash Halloween Craft

Who says monsters have to be big and scary? These little guys can fit in the palm of your hand and will definitely make you smile.

You can watch a video about how to make them over on

1. Color the iris onto the Ping-Pong ball with highlighter; add a pupil with a black marker. Blow on ink to dry, them add a dot of Wite-Out to pupil. Glue eyeball to top of spool.

2. Wrap a chenille stem around middle of spool; twist once in back and bend arms out to the side. Cover spool with yarn, wrapping around and over chenille stem. Tuck end of yarn under; seal with dot of glue.

3. Slide wooden beads onto arms and fold over ends to make hands.

4. Bend another chenille stem in half and glue bent end into hole in the center of the spool to create legs. Slide beads onto legs and fold ends over to make feet.

5. Glue buttons to body, if desired.

6 . To make the hat, wrap chenille stem around base of a thimble or a plastic bottle cap, trim to fit, and glue into place. Glue the hat to the ball.

7. To make the hair, wrap yarn around 2 to 4 fingers 8 to 10 times (the more fingers, the longer the hair) and cut. Tie a short piece of yarn around center of loops and cinch tightly. Cut through loops and spread hair around ball; glue into place.

8. To make the scarf, braid three 6" pieces of yarn together and knot at each end.

October 5, 2015| Halloween, Holidays