Mother’s Day Basket Purse

This post was sponsored by the always fabulous Kid Made Modern

I think we can all agree that the best Mother’s Day gift is the handmade kind (or a professional massage). I love writing about Mom’s Day craft projects because, if you didn’t know, I’m a mom. And there is SO much beyond the macaroni necklace in the craft space these days. Of course I will wear anything and hang anything proudly, but we can’t keep it all. Eventually I snap a pic and the object either goes to recycling or, if it’s super sweet and my nostalgia gets the best of me, it gets put in a drawer to look at when my kids are heartless teenagers.

basket purse project kid mother's day craft

So basically, Moms, I have your back. That’s all I’m saying here. And I think we can all agree that a painted basket purse throwing it back to the 1960’s would make the cut.

This basket comes from the brand-spanking-new Paint-a-Picnic Craft Kit by Kid Made Modern. The kit comes with a wooden picnic basket, wooden picnic food, paint, brushes, glitter, and a sweet gingham bandana to use as a picnic blanket. The sweetest sentiment about this project is that you can literally share this with your kids. You can carry it to a springtime barbecue and they can use it to play picnic on the floor of your living room.

We added one special twist to this basket that makes it so right for moms everywhere…a place to put a flower. Because honestly, who doesn’t want to carry a fresh flower on their handbag?

Here’s what you’ll need…

1. Paint your basket. We took a photo of the basket and printed it out so we could try out different designs. Once your basket is painted, you can stop here and be done or keep going to step 2.

2. Paint your beads or use ones in the color that you need. Hot-glue them onto the basket following your pattern (a grown-up should most definitely do this).

3. Dip an eraser in paint and add polka dots if desired!

4. Add some colorful tape stripes to an upcycled plastic bead or button tube and hot glue to the side of the basket as the vase.

basket purse project kid mother's day craft

This post was sponsored by the always fabulous Kid Made Modern

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