Mushroom And The Snail

To me, there is nothing more satisfying than combining a bit of nature, a touch of felt, and a few items from the recycling bin. With a jar lid, a cork, moss and a few easy-to-find craft supplies, you can bring a little piece of an enchanted, woodland forest inside your home.

*Bonus lesson* Show your kids that the stuffing and sewing technique that makes the mushroom cap is actually how pillows are made. Next on the craft agenda? Make a tooth fairy pillow, or pillow for a doll, or better yet, a lavender-filled relaxation pillow for mom!


1. To make the mushroom cap, cut a 31⁄2-inchdiameter circle from red felt and a 3-inch diameter circle from white felt. Pinch the red felt so that the edge of the red circle overlaps about 1⁄2 inch on itself and glue in place. This will create a wide cone shape.

2. Start stitching the edge of the red cone to the white felt with embroidery thread. After you have sewn about half of the circle, stuff cotton balls between the red cone and the white felt circle. Continue stitching all the way around and knot the thread at the end.

3. To give the mushroom spots, cut 1⁄4-inch to 3⁄4-inch small white circles from felt and glue them to the top of the mushroom.

4. Glue the cork to the underside of the mushroom, and glue the bottom of the cork to the underside of the jar lid, slightly off-center. Glue moss all over the lid so that it surrounds the mushroom stem.

5. To make the snail’s shell, cut a blue and a red strip of felt, each about 3⁄4 inch by 5 inches. Put one on top of the other. Roll them up and secure with glue. The inside felt strip will end up being a bit longer, so trim off the extra tail.

6. To make the snail’s head, cut a single piece of red felt, 1⁄2 inch by 4 inches. Roll it up and secure it with glue.

7. To make the snail’s base, cut another piece of red felt, 1⁄2 inch by 3 inches, fold each end to the middle, and glue. Glue the snail’s head to the end of this piece, and the shell to the middle.

8. To give the snail antennae, cut a 2-inch piece of fishing line, fold it in half, and glue the folded point to the snail’s head. Glue the snail on top of the moss, under the mushroom cap. Arrange pebbles around the lid and moss if desired.

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