Nail Polish Flowers

Making these delicate little blooms feels like magic. It’s one of the craft techniques that you have to see to believe!

Insert the stems into spools or teeny vases to display, or attach to a pin back or bobby pin to show of your handiwork!

Check out this video of me making these with Laura Marano, star of the Disney show Austin & Alley, on!

1. Cut a 4-inch piece of wire. Wrap the end of the wire around your pointer finger, making a loop, and twist short end of wire around the long stem. (If your fingers are very small, wrap the end of wire around a thick marker or highlighter.) Repeat 5 times.

2. Squeeze the loops a little so that the width of the loop (soon to be your flower petal) is no wider than about 1/2-inch.

3. Shake up the nail polish first, then remove the brush without brushing it against the opening of the bottle, leaving the brush full of polish.

4. Lay the brush horizontally and brush it over the wire loop until it fills in with polish. Push the other end into the Styrofoam block to dry. (It's best to insert it horizontally into block so that the nail enamel dries flat and even within the loop.) Let these dry completely.

5. Once your petals are dry, hold the five of them together between your fingers, with the petals lined up. Wrap a small piece of tape around the base of the petals to secure them together.

6. Tear off a longer piece of tape and wrap it down the stem.

7. Insert stems into spools to make mini flower arrangements. Decorate the spools with heart stickers (optional).

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