Nature’s Flower Crown

I’m always writing how-to text where I say “just pop into the backyard and grab a stick”…or a pinecone…or a bunch of leaves, but, my experience with nature crafting just isn’t like that IRL. I live in an urban setting where I have to walk a few blocks to get to a park, so for me to just “pop” outside and grab the perfect stick is really more of an excursion than a “pop.”

So while in rural France for a month (oh yeah, if you don’t follow along on Instagram, you may not know that I’m with my family in France for a month), I can literally pop, hop, or skip outside to get anything that I could possibly want, including these weeping willow vines, fresh cut lavender, a vast selection of wildflowers, and the most beautiful roses I’ve ever seen.

Sommer and I did some scavenging and, with no help from anything human-made, we made a crown and a necklace from everything in our glorious backyard. She became a serious gatherer of Mother Nature’s treasures, and she art-directed me as I put the pieces together.

Full disclosure, this project makes me yearn to have these free craft supplies at my fingertips at all times…instead of buying pinecones at Michaels, I’m loving the fact that there’s a much cheaper source out there!

July 10, 2017| Easter, Everyday Crafts, Jewelry and Fashion, Nature, Spring, Summer