Painted Pennant Portrait

I always get asked what the inspiration for this project was, and all I can really say is that…

1. I’m obsessed with pennants.
2. I’m crazy for silhouettes.

I love that campy pennant look, and I thought it would soften the expected aesthetic by adding a child’s silhouette.

(FYI…The little boy is my son Oliver on New Year’s Eve, 2012.)

Cut your pennant from the drop cloth—12 inches on the short side and 16 inches on the long sides.

Print out a 4-inch-tall photo of a face in profile. Outline the profile with pencil. Lay the profile pencil-outline side down on the freezer paper and scribble over the outline of the silhouette to transfer the pencil mark to the freezer paper.

Create a stencil by cutting out the silhouette from the freezer paper and discarding the center. Lay your pennant in the direction you’d like it to hang, and iron the stencil, centered, 2 to 4 inches from the short side of the pennant. Paint the inside. Let the paint dry and pull off the freezer paper. Use painter’s tape and a few colors of paint to create thick and thin stripes on either side of the silhouette. Let the stripes dry and remove the tape.

For a vertical pennant, glue the short side of the pennant to the dowel and hang with string. For a horizontal one, just glue the short side to one end of the dowel and display on a dresser or table in a tall cup or vase.

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