DIY Peacock Fan

Mother Nature really got it right when she designed the peacock color scheme. For this fancy fan, take inspiration from the designer herself, or go out on a limb and create your own color palette.

Here’s a tip: When painting your feathers, lay them out on a paper towel and create your stripes one color at a time across all of the feathers. Then move on to the next color. This way, you aren’t using 6 paint brushes!

Paint the feathers as shown or in your own design. Let dry.

Add glitter glue embellishments—tiny dots or thin stripes are best. Let dry.

To create the peacock’s body, draw a 2-inch tall figure eight on the back of the blue craft paper; make the top oval about half the size of the bottom one. Cut along the outside edge of the figure eight, leaving about 1⁄8 inch of space around it.

For the beak, cut a tiny triangle from the yellow craft paper and glue it, pointing down, to the small end of the figure eight.

To create your fan, cut a 1-inch square from either color of craft paper and glue the bottom points of your feathers to it close together in a fan shape.

Finish by gluing the large side of the figure eight on top of the junction of the feathers.

April 7, 2014| Uncategorized