Pasta Costumes: Hip-Hop Dancer

This pasta costume was born out my continued and everlasting love of the classic macaroni necklace that I pray my kids will make me sometime. (And I will be that mom at a cocktail party wearing it with pride. For realz.)

This hip-hop dancer slash rapper slash tough chick costume can be made out of what you can find in your closet (but if you love our look, the links for purchasing our ensemble are below).

And don’t even get me started on the boom box candy collector. If you live in Brooklyn, NY, you’ll be seeing me sporting this on Halloween ’17!

Scroll down for the how-to!

What you’ll need:

For the jewelry

  • Rigatoni, Rotelle (wagon wheels), Ditalini,
  • String/Elastic cording
  • Gold Spray paint
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard box

For the Boom Box

  • Shoe box
  • Two to-go cardboard soup cup lids
  • Silver, white, red and black paint
  • Red pipe cleaner
  • 12” long dowel
  • Exacto Blade
  • Hot Glue
  • Black Marker
  • Orecchiette, ziti, medium rigatoni, rings, lasagna, rotelle
  • Two resealable bags
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Red and yellow food dye
  • Small screwdriver or sharp object (a sharpened pencil will work)

Rapper Outfit

  • Leggings/joggers
  • Tank Top
  • Furry Vest
  • Beanie
  • High Top Sneakers


How to make the jewelry

  1. String patterns of pasta to make chains. Play with different lengths and combinations. Create bracelets out of shorter chains.
  2. To make a medallion, glue wagon wheels together in circular shape and add ditalini accents.
  3. Once you are finished, put pasta jewelry in a cardboard box and spray paint gold. Once it’s dry, flip it and spray the other side.


How to make the boom box

  1. Paint shoe box, lid, and 2 pieces of rotelle pasta silver, and soup-cup tops black. Paint dowel red and let dry.
  2. Cut off the end of a piece of flat lasagna to create a rectangle approximately the size of a deck of cards. Paint both sides white and let dry.
  3. Put one teaspoon of hand sanitizer in a plastic bag and add six drops of red. Add orecchiette, ziti, and rings. Shake bag until noodles are covered then lay out on wax paper to dry.
  4. Repeat with yellow dye and ring and rigatoni pasta.
  5. Cut a rectangular hole in the center of one long side of the box (top of the boom box) for candy.
  6. Hot glue top of box onto base and soup lids onto the front corners of boom box. Glue one silver wagon wheel into the center of each lid to make speakers.
  7. Glue the lasagna rectangle in between lids and paint on two circles and a rectangle in black.
  8. Glue on pasta to form buttons and knobs. (We used 4 red ziti pieces, 4 red orecchiette pieces, 6 red rings, 4 yellow rings, and four medium rigatoni pieces.)
  9. Cut pipe cleaner in half and fold each half in half then feed each half through a piece of red ziti.
  10. Slide the loops over the ends of the dowel, tighten by pulling ziti up and add drop of hot glue to secure.
  11. Poke a hole at each end of the box, next to the rectangular opening, and push pipe cleaner ends in.
  12. Open ends of pipe cleaner inside of box to secure. Use hot-glue where needed to add strength.

October 12, 2017| Age, Early Elementary, Grown-Up, Halloween, Holidays, Older Elementary, Tween to Teen