Pasta Costumes: Robot

Robot costumes are among my favorite to make because the creative freedom is endless. Knobs, buttons, antennae, switches—you can go crazy with all of the fun pasta shapes out there to create a gorgeous control panel.

We decided to think outside the box (literally) and not put my son Oliver in a cardboard box. Instead, we created his control panel on an 11×14-inch canvas. If you don’t have one of those laying around, you can just cut a piece of cardboard and attach the ribbon around the neck like we did (scroll down to see how-to below).

What you’ll need:

For the control panel

  • Rotelle (wagon wheel), ziti, penne, rings, orecchiette, flat lasagna and dried ravioli pasta
  • 11”x14” canvas
  • Small cardboard jewelry box
  • Silver and blue paint
  • Red and yellow food dye
  • Three resealable bags
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Silver ribbon
  • Two flat thumb tacks
  • Wax paper


For the helmet

  • 1 quart sized metal Colander
  • Silver pipe cleaners
  • 1 ½-inch-diameter foam pipe insulation
  • Scissors
  • Felt
  • Adhesive velcro


Robot gear

  • silver/grey hoodie and pants
  • Grey felt


How to make control panel

  1. Paint canvas and jewelry box silver
  2. Paint the front and back of two pieces of lasagna blue then let dry
  3. Put one teaspoon of hand sanitizer in a plastic bag
  4. Add six drops of red and pour in a variety of pasta types. Shake bag until noodles are covered then lay out on wax paper to dry.
  5. Repeat with yellow dye and orange dye (four drops of yellow and two drops of red)
  6. Glue silver box and two blue lasagna pieces to canvas. Glue smaller pasta on top in grids, v’s and other patterns
  7. Tack one side of the ribbon to the back top corner of the canvas. Measure so that the canvas hangs in front of child’s chest and tack second end to other corner. Cut off excess


How to make helmet

  1. Fold a pipe cleaner in half and thread it through the middle of the top of the colander. Slip colored ziti onto the two sides and twist on wagon wheel pasta at the top. Hot glue colored wagon wheels on the front of the colander for more “buttons”
  2. Cut two 3-inch segments of pipe insulation. Use pipe cleaners to wire them to the inside bottom of the colander (top of the helmet).
  3. To create the helmet’s chin strap, cut a 1-by-14 inch piece of felt and adhere a tab of the rough Velcro to either end on the same side of the strap. Two inches down from the rough Velcro on either side of the strap, attach a 3-inch strip of soft Velcro (to allow the strap to be adjustable). Thread the strap through the colander’s handles.


How to make wristbands

  1. Cut 2 strips of grey felt, approximately 2 inches wide, to fit child’s wrists and add Velcro to the ends
  2. Hot glue matching pasta design in the middle of each wrist band


October 13, 2017| Halloween, Holidays