Pasta Costumes: Hedgehog

At Project Kid we like to start thinking about Halloween costumes way ahead of time, but that doesn’t mean we like costumes that take a lot of time to make. In fact, we prefer the kind you can craft last minute with materials you probably already have on hand. We love costumes that are doable, not daunting, and that let kids be comfortable so they can enjoy celebrating!

We started scheming and thought of a super-versatile costume supply that shouldn’t be underestimated…PASTA!  It’s in every kitchen, it’s easy to color, and it comes in all shapes and sizes. Start with a basic base, add pasta and the pasta-bilities are endless.  This is the first in a series of five pasta costume ideas that we hope you’ll enjoy making as much as we did.

hedgehog halloween costume diy kids craft


For a young nature lover who wants to stay cozy while trick-or-treating, creating a hedgehog suit with ziti couldn’t be simpler.

hedgehog halloween costume kid pasta kids hedgehog halloween costume made from pasta

What you’ll need:


Make it!

  1. Put one teaspoon of hand sanitizer into plastic bag. Add ten drops of yellow, three drops of red, and one drop of blue. Squish the bag around until the dye has turned one color. If it is too green, add more red.
  2. Pour in pasta, close top, and shake bag until dye has been evenly distributed.
  3. Set out wax paper and place pasta on it to dry.
  4. Once dry, use hot glue to add pasta to the back of hoodie in staggered lines.
  5. Continue adding pasta to the back of the hood stopping about 4 inches from the front edge of hood.
  6. Cut out two rounded edge triangles for ears, and two smaller triangles for ear centers and glue together.
  7. Hot-glue ears to the pasta at the top of hood.


halloween hedgehog costume

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