Patchwork Inspiration

I can’t even describe the visceral feeling that I get when I see these amazing aerial photographs by Normann Szkop of tulip fields in Holland. Those colors! I’m obviously not the first nor the last to think of gorgeous patchwork quilts when looking at these squares of bright hues. But then it made me wonder if patchwork has a place off the bed and into other design-y places in the home. I think I’ve discovered the answer to be yes. {Photo via This is Colossal.}

Patchwork-paper-wallPatchwork walls are a dime-a-dozen, but this one from Decor8 grabbed me because of the mix of paper genres, so to speak—scrapbook paper, posters, book pages. I think if you try to control it too much you get trapped into a corner of color, style, or shape. But when you fully let go and let it be as random as possible, you can’t mess it up.


I’m crazy about this patchwork tiled floor from an old issue of Budget Living that I found on Pinterest. Individually, I would never pick most of those tile patterns, but once they are all put together, they form such a soft, cool patchwork effect.

Fabric is obviously the logical material to use for patchwork. These lovely cushions spotted on Chic & Posh are a great surprise when you pull the red chair out from the table.

I’m feeling the patchwork itch. It’s a perfect motif for kids since it’s so free form. Where will it end up in my book?

February 21, 2013| Decor, DIY Home, Everyday Crafts, Grown-Up, Nature, Tween to Teen