Pig in a Blanket Costume

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Making animal costumes is fun, but adding a silly or punny twist makes the whole thing that much better! So what’s better than a DIY pig costume? A DIY pig-in-a-blanket costume! Wrap your little piglet in a blanket that does double duty…it keeps your trick-or-treater warm on Halloween night and it provides great comic relief.

pig costume kids diy

So instead of of just dressing up like a pig for this Halloween, take it one step further (just hold the mustard)!

pig in a blanket costume primary diy

What you’ll need:


  1. To make the snout, cut a segment from the egg carton and paint it light pink. Let dry.
  2. Draw two darker pink ovals on the front of the snout.
  3. Hot glue a thin elastic cord on either side of the snout. 
  4. To make the ears, download and print the template. Cut it out, trace it onto felt twice, and cut.
  5. Fold the bottom corners to the center and hot glue. Flip it over, apply a line of hot glue along the bottom, and fold to secure.
  6. Cut a piece of felt the length of a pipe cleaner, about 1” wide. Glue the pipe cleaner just off center. 
  7. Fold the strip in half and hot glue closed. Cut the end to a point.
  8. Twirl into a spiral and use a safety pin or hem tape to attach to the back of hoodie.

pig costume halloween diy

how to make a pig costume

cute pig costume easy to make

This post was sponsored by Primary.com.

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