Playful Pumpkins: Part 2

Getting kids excited about Halloween isn’t that hard, TBH. But as a parent that “celebrates” Halloween multiple times a year (that’s what happens when you style for print magazines), the squeals of delight truly never get old.

And these pumpkin projects that I crafted for Parents magazine had my littles even more excited than normal because they actually got to be my craft assistants. Oliver, my then 6-year-old, got to build a bunch of Lego construction vehicles for this awesome jack-o-lantern carving scene. (above)

Builder’s Special

Your family’s Lego maniac will go brick wild for this clever twist on a classic jack. Carve a face into a small pumpkin. Once you’ve finished carving, build a Lego staircase to the face and arrange the Lego people so that they appear to be doing the carving themselves. Bonus points for a few construction vehicles bulldozing the seeds!

And Sommer was excited to help me pick out the facial features for these Potato Head Pumpkins!

potato head toy pumpkin craft kids diy halloween project

Mr. Pumpkin Head

Look for unusual pumpkins and gourds to give your creation even more character. Then, simply push the Mr. Potato Head parts into the flesh.

Tip: Poke wooden skewers vertically through the pumpkins to prevent toppling!

Photos by Dane Tashima.

September 25, 2017| Halloween, Holidays, Toys