Project Kid Crafts with the stars of Matilda the Musical!

I had the pleasure of filming this craft segment for with the 4 young, extraordinary stars of Matilda the Musical on Broadway. They sent me to see the show (don’t miss it if you are in New York…I’m serious!) and asked me to think about Easter egg projects that relate to the production or story.

I must admit, I was a little nervous. What if I didn’t like the show? What if I was totally uninspired? What if I fell asleep? (Totally possible these days.) Well, the complete opposite happened. I scribbled notes, words, and sketches on a piece of paper and all over the Playbill in the dark and snuck a phone pic when I could. The music, the set, the voices, the children…everything was so creatively executed and beautifully designed.

photo (12)

Matilda’s first love in the world is books, and there’s a scene when her father rips one of her treasures. So I thought, what if we could teach Matilda to turn a bruised book into something else that’s beautiful? So we took a damaged book (and a Playbill) and decoupaged eggs with its torn pages. Then we added glue dots and glitter to make it even happier and festive.

I could really go on and on about what an amazing experience it was to work with Ava, Ripley, Gabby, and Paige, but really, you should just watch the video for yourself; I think you’ll see how much fun we had. And for the instructions on how to make the egg, visit

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