Collectively Talks to PK

amanda kingloff portrait In January 2016, I got to return to Alt Summit, the most fantastic conference for design and lifestyle bloggers. It was my second time, both as a speaker and an attendee—and I can’t tell you how much I learn about blogging and the business behind being an influencer in those three days. It’s such a warm, open community of mostly women wanting to see each other succeed.

I was lucky enough to join a dinner with the folks at Collectively Inc, an influencer marketing agency that helps brands connect with bloggers, Instagrammers, and the like reach new audiences. At dinner, I sat near Anna, the community manager for Collectively, and learned that she lives not far from me in Brooklyn. We had coffee a few weeks after Alt and she asked if our conversation could be featured in their Coffee With Collaborators column on their blog. Yes, obviously.

We talked about everything from my current work, to my books, to the fact that my kids think I play with arts and crafts all day. You can read the full interview here!



April 11, 2016| Everyday Crafts, Uncategorized