Quick and Easy July 4th Star Garland

A simpler July 4th decoration has never existed before this one. No paint, no wet glue = no drying time! Glue dots are my savior for tons of crafts with kids and last minutes decorations for parties.

4th of july decoration for party kids

What you need:


  1. Cut a long piece of string—the length you want you final garland to be.
  2. Stick a glue dot to one end of a popsicle stick and slip it under the string, a few inches from one end.
  3. Stick another popsicle stick on top of that to seal the string in between the two. Then keep forming a star by using glue dots in between the ends of the sticks to create the classic five-point star. (You may need a glue dot or two in the middle of sticks where they cross for extra security.)
  4. Hang it up. And party on!


easy popsicle stick star garland

June 29, 2016| Holidays, July 4th, Memorial Day, Parties