Rainbow Menorah Crown

True story:

My daughter Sommer came home with a flyer from school, assigning a different holiday wearable for each day of this week. Holiday hat day, holiday scarf day, holiday sock day. And to be honest, Hanukkah-wear is not so easy to come by on short notice. So this crafty momma had to think fast.

And literally, this crown was made in 3 minutes flat on the kitchen counter the morning of! I wrapped nine gold pipe cleaners around a simple head band, slipped trimmed colored straws onto the pipe cleaners (she arranged them in rainbow order, of course), then twisted the ends into flames. No glue, no drying time, nada!

I think I’ll make her one for each birthday from now on, adding a candle for each year!

December 21, 2016| Hanukkah, Holidays