Robot Bank

Making robots might be one of the most fun crafts for kids. One, two, or three eyes—it’s up to you.

1. To make the robot’s legs, coat the inside of the plastic cups with Mod Podge and pour about 2 tablespoons of silver glitter into one cup. Hold the cups together, openings facing each other, and shake to distribute the glitter. Add more glitter if needed. (You might want to tape the cups together to prevent a sparkly mess.) Once the cups are dry, shake out the excess and hot-glue them (a job for an adult) to the bottom of the snack container, open end down.

2. To make the arms, use electrical tape to attach the clips to two 4-inch pieces of tubing. Hot-glue the flat ends of the tubes to the sides of the snack container.

3. To make the head, cut off 5 inches from the top portion of the oatmeal container and discard the bottom section.

4. Cut craft paper to make a 5-inch-wide-by-14-inch-long strip. (You may have to tape two pieces together.) Wrap it around the oatmeal container, and affix it with glue. Put a line of hot glue on the inside edge of the snack container opening and place the cut end of the oatmeal container into the opening; hold it in position until the glue has set. Wrap electrical tape around the “neck” to cover any messy glue line.

5. To finish the head, cut a craft paper circle to cover the top of the oatmeal container’s lid and glue ribbon or rickrack around the front edge of the lid. Cut a 11⁄4-inch slit through the paper and the plastic lid to make the coin slot.

6. To make the robot’s antennae, coat the Styrofoam ball with Mod Podge and roll it in turquoise glitter. While it’s drying, cut five cotton swabs in half and dip the soft ends in Mod Podge and then in silver glitter. Once dry, poke the glittered swabs into the Styrofoam ball. Cut both ends off of the remaining cotton swab, insert it into the bottom of the ball, and glue it to the oatmeal container lid. (You may need to secure it by poking a small hole in the lid with scissors.)

7. Paint two pennies red and four green and let them dry. With the marker, draw black dots on two green ones and glue them to the head as eyes, then glue the other four pennies to the front of the snack container in a random arrangement. Wrap silver cord around the pennies on the body once they are securely dried. Trim the cord and add a dab of glue to hold it in place.

8. Hot-glue the sink strainer to the robot’s face. (This step should be done by an adult.)

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