Rocket Crafts


My 2.5-year-old Oliver loves rockets. He calls them rocket-planes because they fly like planes; they don’t sail like ships. Der. He sees rockets in everything from a water bottle to a random pile of blocks loosely dropped into a pointed formation. So naturally I invented a rocket craft for my book…and after scouring the web for my competition, I’d say it’s pretty original. Alas, I can’t post it yet, so here are a few other ideas that I heart that aren’t the typical cardboard tubes and streamer flames.

Rockets live so naturally on a garland, like the one above from Guusjes Appeltaart, a Dutch blog. She made stamps of rockets, stars, and flying saucers to create these gorgeous forms. I just love them.


Straw-rocket-craftBonus points go to a rocket craft that can actually fly, like this cute project found on Dollar Store Crafts. You blow through the straw to make it soar through the air. Big fun.


My-Garden-Party-web-202Here is the elegant version of a rocket craft…those gold letters really take it up a notch! Apparently it’s a party favor (so says the blog, My Garden Party).


Rocket-bookmarkRockets make natural bookmarks because of their shape, like this one that I saw on Pinterest. Add a little weaving lesson that doubles as flames and you’re ready for take off.


Cardboard-rocketNow why haven’t we seen this idea a gazillion times? It’s genius…a cardboard rocket “playhouse”. And notice, the aliens are made from bottle tops. It’s pretty amazing and really gets me thinking about how I would do it. Nice work, Se7en!

ps…I promise to come back next week with a recap of Sommer’s 1st birthday party, as promised! It’s been a crazy week of book production!

April 12, 2013| Early Elementary, Everyday Crafts, Parties, Preschool, Toddler