Rope Wrapped Candle

A lovely, scented candle is a legitimate gift to give a friend, a colleague, or your mom, but you have to admit it may feel a little generic.

But if you add a little crafty treatment to the package, it takes it up that perfect notch to make it feel special.

1. Beginning at the bottom, hot glue rope to the edge of the candle. Wrap around the glass, continuing to glue as you go.

2. Once you reach the top, glue the end just below the top edge of the glass casing.

3. Create a diluted watercolor wash, and apply the color to the rope with a sponge brush.

Make sure to keep the wick short to prevent flame from getting too big.

May 5, 2015| Decor, DIY Home, Everyday Crafts, Gifts, Yarn & Fabric