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This post is sponsored by Boon Supply.

These days, we have the power to “buy the change we want to see in the world.” (My friend Jane Mosbacher Morris wrote a book by that name. Check it out!) When we shop, we can choose to purchase socially conscious items, eco-friendly products, and even give money away while we do it. We’ve all been guilted into buying mediocre wrapping paper or chocolate bon-bons to support our kids’ school fundraisers, but what if you could actually purchase things you NEED that are beautifully, thoughtfully designed, PLUS they give substantial money (not a measly 2% of the retail price) to the non-profit you choose?

Enter, Boon Supply. Every time you purchase, Boon Supply gives 40% to the charity of your choice. Every time, people! 40%! And you are not buying cheesy gift bows or ugly tote bags…you are buying stylish items that make amazing gifts.

It’s so easy to set up your own fundraiser (I created one for my kid’s school!) or you can choose one that has already been set up. And, you can get 20% off your first purchase by using this exclusive code just for Project Kid fans: BS19PROJECTKID (expires 12/31/19).

Here are some of my favorite items from the Spring catalog, but check out the Fall items too!

Boon Supply sent me this Emoji Pancake Pan and the second I pulled it out of the box I was making pancakes for my kids (even though it was 6pm at night!! So cute and easy to clean.

easy emoji pancakes

I bought this cute Vegan leather belt bag (let’s face it, fanny pack!) for myself. I love it!

stylish leather fanny pack

Missing a lid to your tupperware? Or do you have a half eaten apple? Food Huggies are your answer!

food savers for bowls and fruits

I love the idea that my kids can look down at these Character Building pencils and have a thoughtful discussion in their heads while doing their homework. Double-tasking at it’s best!

cute word pencils

If you carry a portable charger and a compact mirror, then maybe you need to get this Compact Mirror Power Bank that does both!

I know where my holiday gifts are coming from this year!

This post is sponsored by Boon Supply.

July 23, 2019| ad, Gifts