Show & Tell #2

What’s your feeling on the whole New Year’s resolution thing? Do you make ’em? Do you keep ’em? Do you write them down? Do you share them or keep them secret? This is the first year that I didn’t even mentally write a list of promises of change and I’m okay with that. And then I saw Julia Rothman‘s More/Less list on Instagram and thought it was the perfect soft launch into resolutions for 2019. I’ll be penning mine this weekend.

We got a great response from our first Show & Tell last week, so here we go with installment numero dos!

  • This Printbrush do-hicky on Kickstarter literally blew my mind. When he printed straight onto a balloon, I was done.


  • So the Ostrich Pillow is not a new thing, but it just landed in my inbox via their PR company and it just made me want to curl up in a warm ball. Plus, Moira uses one on the best show on the planet, Schitt’s Creek. Is anyone watching on Netflix?


  • Would you add an IV drip to your wellness routine? Too drastic or just what the doctor ordered?



  • I’m loving Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s response to the people that find fault with a video of her dancing on a rooftop in college! Explain to me what’s wrong with that original video!

January 4, 2019| Uncategorized