Show & Tell #1

Ya know those moments when you read something or see something and you think, “Oh how clever/cool/sad/beautiful, I need to remember to tell so-and-so about that.”? I have them all the time, and so for that reason I thought I’d start a little weekly habit here on Project Kid called Show & Tell…a column to share discoveries with my like-minded people (that’s you).

Not quite sure if it will be the same number of items every week, but I do hope you’ll enjoy discovering these little Internet tidbits as much as I enjoy sharing them!

Show & Tell, issue no. 001…let’s do this!

  • After the the crazy gift-giving month of December, seeing these beautiful DIY toys made by South Sudanese refugee children both tugged at my heart strings and blew me away with their ingenuity.



  • USA Today gave us a handy little cheat-sheet of the best post-Christmas holiday sales.


  • Holiday party season ain’t over yet! For a little shake-up in the hostess gift category, consider one these clever little guys. (My personal fave is the knife that solves the butter that’s too cold to spread!)


  • If you haven’t gotten your fill of Santa beards, twinkle lights, and angels on high, check out this beautiful slideshow of Christmas pics from around the world.


  • Any resolutions about taking charge of your life and making changes? Thought so. Check out this list of nonfiction books compiled by some pretty big thinkers to start 2019 off right. (Anyone read this one?)



December 28, 2018| Show & Tell