Simple DIY Party Ideas

Everyone has their own threshold when it comes to DIY’ing birthday parties…some want to start from a totally blank slate, while others choose one thing to craft to make the party special. I have run the spectrum with my kids, but I must say admit that it does get exhausting (even for a seasoned crafter like myself) to DIY everything!

In the May 2017 issue of FamilyFun, I got to explore tons of DIY birthday party ideas using balloons, paper party hats, streamers, and cupcakes. Here are four highlights, but be sure to visit FamilyFun to get 13 more awesome DIY ideas!

Pizza hat above: Cut out red “pepperoni” and green “C”-shaped “peppers” from red and green paper. Cut out mushroom shapes from gray paper. Attach to a yellow party hat with glue dots. Twist brown kraft paper and secure around the edges of the hat with hot glue to make the crust.

balloon number wall installation birthday party decoration

Using painter’s tape, plan out the shape of the number on the wall. Blow up a collection of 5” mini dart balloons and 11” party balloons, knotting each (we used about 50). Use loops of white gaffer tape (get it on Amazon) to attach them to the wall. Layer and tuck in extra balloons on top for a fuller look.

Attach a tabletop celebration arch (available at party supply stores) to your table. You’ll need about 80 fiveinch balloons. Inflate two balloons and knot the ends together. Repeat with another pair, then twist both sets together so you create a clover. Set aside and repeat with remaining balloons. To assemble the arch, twist each clover set onto the frame. Use doublestick tape to attach additional balloons.

Make It Yours: Go with black, gray, and red for Star Wars fans; yellow and blue for Minion lovers; or green and black for little Minecrafters.

checkerboard cupcake decorating birthday party diy

On top of iced cupcakes, arrange Starburst Minis in lines with alternating colors. Swap in any favorite mini candy and colors.

streamers tent birthday party decoration

Cut 60 strips of streamers about 54 inches long (for a three-color pattern, buy at least one roll per shade). Measure three equidistant points around a hula hoop and tie on three 2-foot-long pieces of fishing line. Knot them together about 18 inches from the top of the hoop, and hang it in your work area. Loop the end of a streamer around the hoop, and use double-stick tape to secure it. (Be sure to tape the loop to the paper and not the hoop so it slides.) Overlap each one slightly and alternate colors. To make the top, cut about 30 strips about 24 inches long. Tape each streamer to the outside edge of the hoop—but this time, use one strip for every two on the bottom, matching the colors if you prefer. Once you’ve attached four or five, gather and layer the ends and tape together; then secure to the center fishing line. Repeat all around the hoop. Tie a ribbon or short streamer around the top.

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