Snowy Diorama Ornament

If you happen to have a few extra gift boxes laying around as you are shopping and decorating and baking and shopping some more, save one to make this precious snow scene diorama!

This is one DIY Christmas ornament that will definitely become a focal point of your tree!

What you need

  • 3” x 2” jewelry box and fluffy cotton filler
  • 4” x 4” square of blue sparkly paper
  • 3 small white pom poms
  • 1 black perler bead
  • Green, orange, and black paper
  • Twig
  • Silver star sequin
  • ⅛” red ribbon
  • White string
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • 1/16″ paper punch

Make it!

  1. Trace the bottom, side and top edge of the box onto blue sparkly paper, cut shapes and glue into back, sides, and top of box.
  2. Cut box filler into a curved hill shape and secure in box with glue.
  3. Cut two 2” circles from the green paper and cut each circle in half. Fold the bottom section of one circle into a triangle then fold back and forth in the opposite direction to create folded tree shape. Repeat with two other trees.
  4. Secure two trees in the back of the box. Glue a piece of twig to the third tree as a trunk and glue in front of snow drift. Add star to the top with glue.
  5. Glue three pom poms in a stack then secure in front right corner of the box. Use tiny paper punch with black cardstock to create two eyes, and add small slice of orange paper for carrot nose. Cut a 1/4-inch circle from the black paper, glue to the top of snowman head, and add the perler bead to create a hat. Cut a 2 ½” piece of red ribbon and tie below the head to create a scarf.
  6. Squeeze a line of hot glue around the opening of the box and add string, trimming off excess.
  7. Cut a piece of red ribbon, approximately 12” long, and secure around box with hot glue starting at the bottom and leaving a loop at the top for hanging,

December 8, 2017| Christmas, Early Elementary, Grown-Up, Holidays, Older Elementary, Tween to Teen