Stocking Christmas Ornaments

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When it comes to ornaments, we think you can never have too many…and especially never too many homemade options! These little felt stocking ornaments are so cute, and when made with the super-strong Aleene’s Tacky Glue, they can actually hold little toys, candy, and other surprises. Just make the stocking base and decorate it however you like!


What you’ll need:


  1. Trace stocking template onto felt and cut out. Repeat to make a second one. mini stocking diy ornament template
  2. Cut a strip of felt about ¾” wide with regular scissors or scallop shears. Cut a 3”-by-½” strip of felt. diy ornaments felt stocking kids mini
  3. Apply Aleene’s Tacky Glue around the outside edge of one stocking (make sure to not to glue the opening!) and stack the second stocking on top. Glue band around the top and then fold the thin strip and glue it into the inside. Now your stocking is made and it’s time to decorate it! diy ornament stocking craft
  4. Trace three coins onto white felt and cut each out. Cut out a small thin triangle and a top hat from 2 other colors of felt. Cut out heel and toe from another color of felt (optional).how to make a felt snowman
  5. Arrange the felt circles into a snowman shape and glue to the stocking. Glue on the nose and hat.

craft project for kids diy ornament stocking


diy stocking ornament craft

diy stocking ornament craft kids

This post was sponsored by our friends at Aleene’s.

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