String-Art Halloween Wreath

I have been known to love a wreath in my day, and more than ever, I feel that Halloween is a very wreath-worthy holiday. Now that my kids are of the Halloween-appreciation age, I’m so into making Halloween crafts (Full disclosure: I used to not be the biggest fan of crafting for this day!).

Like many other pinners on Pinterest, I am obsessed with string art! And I must say, it is so beyond fun to do. It looks hard and tedious but I swear to you it’s not! Scroll down to read how to make this wreath and the super cute and friendly pom-pom spider!

What you’ll need:

  • 14-inch round foam wreath
  • Spray paint
  • Small black nails
  • 3 colors of yarn (including black)
  • Scissors
  • 4 black pipe cleaners
  • 1/2-inch white pom-poms
  • Tiny black pom-poms
  • Tacky glue

Make it:

  1. Spray paint wreath and let it dry.
  2. Insert 31 nails, evenly spaced, around the circle about 1 every inch.
  3. Take the darkest yarn and tie it to nail number 1 (abitrarily chosen). Now loop the yarn around nail number 24 then to nail number 2 then to nail 25 until you have made it all the way around.
  4. Take your next color and tie it onto nail 1 and loop it around nail 25, then 2, then 26, then 3, again until you have made it all the way around.
  5. Tie your 3rd color to nail 1 and loop it around nail number 26, and so on. You notice that each level of yarn has created a narrower band around your wreath. Tie each yarn off on nail 1, knot, and trim.
  6. To make the spider, wrap thick black yarn around your hand about 50 times and cut it from the skein.
  7. Cut an 8-inch piece of yarn, slip the bundle off of your hand, and tie the yarn around the bundle securely.
  8. Take all four pipe cleaners and slip them under the center tie and pull until they are even on each side.
  9. Snip through all of the yarn loops, then trim the pom-pom until he is nice and round.
  10. Glue small black pom-poms to white ones, and glue them in place as eyes. Glue spider to the wreath to cover nail number 1 where you tied off your 3 yarns.


October 29, 2013| Decor, DIY Home, Everyday Crafts, Holidays, Parties