Super Bowl DIY Banner

Do you care more about planning the Super Bowl party than the game itself? (Insert fist bump here) This easy garland uses just tape and numbers so after the football game, pull them off and reuse for a spring garden party!

Pop over to Michaels to get a set of canvas fishtail banners! (And if you don’t have these, just cut green paper!)

1. Cut tape about 1 inch longer that the height of your banners. Adhere tape in the middle and trim the bottom to match the lines of green canvas.

2. Adhere number stickers on either side of the line. (Tip: use O's if you run out of zeros!)

3. Flip banners over and hot glue string to the top corners of each, spacing them about 2 inches apart.

February 5, 2016| Decor, Games & Activities, Parties, Winter