Sven-Inspired Reindeer Advent Calendar

reindeer-advent-calendar-final-2 I’d say, hands down, my most favorite craft for the Christmas season is an advent calendar. From the materials used to the display methods, the possibilities are endless. Plus, I think they can be used for way more than just the countdown to Christmas. You can countdown any special occasion…a birthday, Hanukkah, a wedding, or a baby’s due date.

This Frozen-inspired reindeer advent calendar (yes, I clearly have 2 toddlers at home) is obviously meant for Christmas, but don’t have to feel constrained to the traditional red and green. And I know, an advent calendar is usually 25 days, but this 7-day version is probably best for the pro-craft-inator who waited until the middle of December to make her advent calendar.

What you’ll need:

advent calendar frozen reindeer sven

  • Rattan reindeer
  • Spray paint
  • Small gift boxes
  • Thin ribbon
  • Tags
  • Number stamps
  • Ink pad
  • Scissors
  • Bells
  • Twine

Make It!

  1. Spray paint your reindeer in a well-ventilated area in the color of your choice. (Mine is from Pottery Barn but it’s no longer available! You can try these or these.) I used Montana Gold Acrylic in  Gleaming Pink. Let it dry.
  2. Stamp the number of tags (these little flag labels are from Michaels) for your countdown. Set them aside.
  3. Place a note, piece of candy, or small gift inside each box, then tape ribbon across each box to form an “+” on the top, threading a number tag through one ribbon. (Make sure to put the lower numbers on the larger boxes. Then you’ll end up with the 1, 2, etc on the top of the pile. I only had to make that mistake once.)
  4. Slip a jingle bell on a long piece of twine, slide to the middle, and knot. Repeat 2 more times, and gather the 3 bells together and knot the 3 strands to make a bundle. Braid the twine on either side and tie behind the reindeers neck.
  5. Stack the boxes on the reindeer’s back. (If you are worried about the boxes toppling over, you can thread a piece of fishing line through the ribbon on the bottom of the boxes and tie under the reindeer’s belly.)



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