This Mom Wants … A Love Note in a Tiny Package

Good things come in small packages. It’s the small things. Size doesn’t matter. All very true sayings, and all apply to gifts from your kids for Mother’s Day. In fact, the smaller the better if you ask me—there’s no room in this house of ours for any more stuff!

small mother's day gift packages

My kids are still of pre-letter-writing age, but I know that when they can write, I will always and forever be thrilled with a love letter from them above and beyond an I Heart Mom pendant. Plus if they craft the gift box, major bonus points.

1 A walnut shell? Is there any more of an unexpected gift box ever? Made by Girl. Inspired.

2 These little Altoid suitcases are actually from my book, Project Kid.

3 I can always find an occasion for felt fortune cookies (I made a version of these in the book too). These happen to be from one of my favorite store’s blog, Land of Nod. (Well, the blog is called Honest to Nod.)

4 Match boxes are already perfectly suited as the tiny gift box of the century. I love how Bare Wunderbar decorated these.

May 7, 2014| Everyday Crafts, Gifts, Holidays, Mother's Day