A 2D Christmas Tree

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I’ve seen a lot of space-saving ideas over the years, but never have I seen a holiday one quite this ingenious. This Christmas tree fabric from Ikea is ideal for the city (or suburban) dweller with either little space, a distaste for the traditional artificial tree, or an intolerance for cleaning up pine needles.

A few other uses come to mind:

  • At $6.99 a yard, let the kids paint their ornaments onto it.
  • Poke holes and push LED xmas lights through for a lovely nightime effect.
  • At your holiday party, hang edible gingerbread men on it and let it serve as part of your dessert buffet.

And if you miss that seasonal smell of pine, just go out and buy Mrs. Meyer’s Iowa Pine cleaning products. I swear to you it’s the real deal.

Images via Oh Happy Day, Cote Maison, and Babble.

December 6, 2012| Decor, DIY Home, Everyday Crafts, Holidays, Nature