A Belated Halloween Costume Post


I know it’s December, and our heads are way into gingerbread and tinsel, not ghosts and goblins, but I really wanted to share photos of my daughter Sommer’s homemade Halloween costume. At 7 months, it was obviously her first time celebrating October 31st, and she needed to come out with a bang. She was a vintage synchronized swimmer (is there really any other kind?).

The pilot’s cap is from Hanna Andersson. I cut up a $1 lei from Party City and hot glued the flowers to cover the cap. Then, I glued tiny pom poms in the center of each flower. She wore tights, a tank top onesie (the closet thing to a bathing suit that fit her in her closet) with flowers glued around the neckline, and a cardigan (had to keep her warm).

Here is my favorite photo of her…coming up for air.

December 8, 2012| Baby, Everyday Crafts, Holidays