It’s A Cupcake Party!

My friend Amanda asked me to help with her daughter Sophia’s 8th birthday party, and I was thrilled to start the brainstorm with her. Sophia had already decided on a cupcake decorating theme, so I just had to help fill in with some details. Check out the cuteness that ensued…


We decorated Amanda’s sun-filled apartment with these gorgeous sewn paper garlands from Mahar Dry Goods. I think I could live with these on my wall year-round.

P1010026   P1010055

Before the decorating began, each baker got a blank white apron with a set of fabric markers from Oriental Trading. (The birthday girl is on the right with one of her besties.)

P1010036   P1010065

The kids arrived at their work station to find a naked cupcake atop these cute stands from Hello Hanna (I’m a big fan of cupcake stands). They also got their own bowl, spoon, and spatula to mix up their icing.


In just minutes, the table was a beautiful mess of colored icing, sprinkles, and confectioners sugar!

P1010084   P1010085

P1010118   P1010094

A few finished cupcakes having their moment on their little pedestals.

P1010206   P1010126

The sugar has officially kicked in!


Everyone got to decorate 2 cupcakes, one to eat on the spot and one to take home in these perfect boxes from Bake It Pretty.

Big time thanks to Amanda, Sophia, and her sweet friends for letting me crash the party! (And also, check out Amanda’s amazing handmade sweaters-knitted by her mum-on her website, Fairy Bread for Kids.)

March 30, 2010| Early Elementary, Food, Older Elementary, Parties