A Halloween Party

Planning a backyard Halloween party? Check out these fun games and adorable (if I do say so myself) decorations that I designed for this month’s Parents magazine.


I made homemade stencils and spraypainted the letters to the broom bristles. Seriously, my favorite Halloween decoration ever!


Have a bone hunt: paint a bunch of dog bones white and one orange and send the kids on a mission to find them. The one that finds the orange one wins a special prize.


Wrap a bunch of boxes in black paper and make windows, doors, and shingles using yellow post-it notes. Have a contest with the kids to see who can build the tallest haunted house.


Make a spooky street sign with scrap wood and black paint.


Give your pumpkins some personality by dressing them up for the occasion!


This old fashioned game never goes out of style! Put grapes, noodles, and baggies of pudding in glass bowls, blindfold the kids and have them guess what they are touching!


October 26, 2010| Everyday Crafts, Holidays, Parties