A Little Reflection

Sadly, I went to a funeral this morning for one of my dear friend’s mothers. I rarely come away from a funeral with so many relatable topics to reflect on. She wasn’t young, so it wasn’t tragic in that sense, but I learned so much about her rich life, and especially her very healthy obsession for her children and grandchildren.

She was a working mom in the 60’s and 70’s—a time when there was no discussion of work/life balance. (She graduated Columbia Law School in 1959—one of 12 women in a class of 280. Amazing.) If you chose to work, you just figured it out. My friend and her brother both spoke beautifully about how they never felt like latch-key kids—breakfast was always on the table when they woke up and their mom never missed even the most insignificant school event.

I couldn’t help but think about myself as a mom and how strapped I often feel in this world where, at the drop of a hat, one can find advice on a dozen blogs or in an entire section of a bookstore addressing this very topic. I guess what I’m saying is that moms today are lucky to follow in the steps of women like this. Someone had to pave this path that we so fortunately tred every day.

So instead of a craft today, I’ve posted a pic of me and my kids, in the most blissful scenario I could imagine.

Crafts and fun finds will return tomorrow, as per usual.

February 25, 2013| Family Bonding, Me Time, Uncategorized