A New Leaf

Two kids under the age of two plus a full-time job equals an eternal ponytail, stock in under-eye concealer, and less time for my blog. But this is changing…


I got a book deal! I’m thrilled to announce that my kids’ craft book will be published by Artisan in the Spring of 2014. I’m thrilled/proud/crazed/nervous/giddy about their enthusiasm for my work. (Artisan has published books by the amazing Design*Sponge, Thomas Keller, Lucinda Scala Quinn, the Novogratz’, and Susan B. Anderson. I am in humbling company.)

This means that I am now working full-time on my book, but I have remained at Parents as a contributing editor, so you will likely still see my name (and doodles) on the pages of the best parenthood publication around (if you haven’t seen it lately, pick up a copy…it looks better than ever!).

This also means that my blog will come back to life with new ideas, observations, and musings over crafting, motherhood, and any place where those two things mingle.

I’m happy to be back in action and hope that my readers will find their way back!


December 5, 2012| Everyday Crafts, Grown-Up