A Portfolio: Gregory Euclide

I loved making dioramas as a kid. It was like a tiny world where I could be the decorator, landscaper, architect, and resident all in one.

Gregory Euclide’s diorama-like sculptures are a bit different from the sweet, whimsical ones I made from shoe boxes.



Capture #1, 2009


About his work, he says:

When we are in nature we experience the world through all of our senses in a dynamic way, but at the same time we are framing what we see through the cultural expectations we have absorbed through representational systems such as landscape painting, wildlife documentary, and travel guides. It is impossible, then, to have a true, non-mediated experience of nature even though we may long for it. My work explores the contradictions between the projection of idealized, picturesque views of landscape and our desire to have an authentic experience in nature.

Found via The Craft Begins.

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