A Portfolio: Kate Bingaman-Burt

If you challenged yourself to document everything that you bought, do you think you’d spend less money? And by document, it could be any format…a typed list, a phone snapshot, a voice memo. What if you told yourself you were going to draw everything you buy on a daily basis? Enter Kate Bingaman-Burt, a dedicated (gross understatement) illustrator who has been drawing every last purchase, from baggage check fees to a new hair brush, since Februay 2006. Here are some of her drawings from December 2012. Crazy or cool? You decide.

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Chevron-drawing Hank-williams
Spotted on Flavorwire.

If you had the brilliant idea that she should make a book, well, she already has, and a new one is due out in the Spring. You can buy it here.

PS…Check out this post from 2 years ago about a guy who photographed all of his possessions!

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