A Portfolio: Lauren DiCioccio


Pink organza embroidered bags, shelf installation

When fine art mixes with a craft technique, I’m always intrigued. Today I found the amazing work of Lauren DiCioccio (via Handmade Charlotte). DiCioccio tediously embroiders rather banal object replicas; the common “thread” in her work is the fast-approaching extinction of everyday manufactured media objects. About her pieces, DiCioccio says…

My work investigates the physical/tangible beauty of commonplace mass-produced media-objects, most recently: the newspaper, magazines, office papers and writing pads, plastic bags, 35 mm slides. These media are becoming obsolete, replaced by the invisible efficiency of various technologies. In some cases, this transition is a good thing- faster transmission and distribution of information, streamlined systems, openness to user input, less waste. But a hole is left behind by the disappearance of these everyday objects. What will happen when we no longer touch information? When newsprint does not rub off onto our fingertips? When we no longer write longhand?

Here are some examples of her work:


19MAR10 (Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton)



Pair, 2010


Vanitas Objects


This World of Ours
Hand-embroidery on organza, altered found objects
approx. 12″ x 12″


June 23, 2010| Everyday Crafts, Grown-Up