A Toddler Bed #Upgrade

I pinned this photo from a French blog a while ago as aspiration. This is my goal for how I want my kids’ room to look. Loose, fun, casual. I’m on my way, for sure…we have a knitted bunting, a mushroom table lamp, a poppy, apple green side table, cool wallpaper from Fine Little Day…and now, we have a toddler bed.

Yes, Oliver has graduated, and thank goodness! Poor Sommer has been waiting for her fashionable, Kalon Studios Caravan crib for months now. We got Oliver the Gulliver bed from Ikea; now I just need to hack it a little bit to give it some European style. I wanted something simple that could compliment the Caravan, but at a lower price point. I plan to style it like a little day bed, and honestly, I can’t wait to start pinning textiles.

Tonight will be the first night as a big boy. Must mark it down in the calendar.

April 15, 2013| Decor, DIY Home, Toddler