Baby Portraits, Aww

Apparently time moves really quickly once you have your baby (that’s what everyone is telling me), so it’s definitely important to capture what you can. Here are some of my favorite baby portrait-makers…


Mila’s mom illustrates her versions of her daughter’s dreams in photographs while Mila is sleeping. The results are hilarious and so clever. Check out her blog, Mila’s Daydreams.




Gabby from Design Mom had her 6th (uh huh, 6!) baby (sweet little Flora June) and had these amazing portraits made by Blue Lily Photography. Check out the others here.

Picture 7

Picture 10

If you live in Atlanta and you want portraits of your baby, toddler, cat, or family, here is your photographer. Traci Gingold has a very natural style—she follows your child’s lead and captures beautiful, sweet, interesting moments.

2008-03-18-stendig calendar

If you want a fun way to document the first 12 months of your baby’s life, buy a 4 x 3 foot Stendig calendar and lay/sit him in the center. Found via Ohdeedoh.

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