Birthday Scavenger Hunt

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I’m usually really into my birthday, but for no particular reason this year I was not; I would have been totally fine if it had come and gone sans celebration. But it was kind of a big one, number-wise, and my husband would never have believed that I really didn’t want to acknowledge it, so he coined January 30th Amanday (naturally). He planned the perfect afternoon that started at 3 o’clock at one of my favorite places in this amazing borough of ours: the Brooklyn Flea.

Here’s what went down: Michael made scavenger hunt cards that had 2 clues each with an opportunity for bonus points. Everyone’s card was different—each clue had something to do with yours truly and the gift could not exceed $10.

I walked around with Michael while our friends moseyed about, hunting for a $10 trinket and treasures for themselves. Here are photos of the brilliant finds (plus 2 unplayed cards to finish out the grid) followed by a list of their clues:

  1. Find a pin that’s cute as sin. (Aaron found a mink pin, thus accomplishing both clues 1 & 2.)
  2. Find something that’s warm, cute, cuddly or sweet.
  3. Find 35 of something.
  4. Find something that’s good in the kitchen. (Michael bought me a sweet apron.)
  5. Find something that let’s you play a game. (Lindsay found this chalkboard, drew a hangman game, added the dice and won bonus points with the ALK in chALK!)
  6. Find something that always brings a little amusement.
  7. Find something that stamps, cuts, snips, glues or clips.
  8. Find something that brings things together. (Jocelyn and Dave were so right that Nunu hot chocolate does just that.)
  9. Find something that rhymes with Amanda.
  10. Find something that’s too cute for words. (Micah got it: felt+owl+tissue holder=totally precious!)
  11. Find something that shows an owl. (Ami, being a Bklyn Flea newbie, was shocked at the plethora of owls. Therefore, I scored 2: a pin and a wood carving by an artist named MC.)
  12. Find something that’s always a hoot.
  13. Find something that starts with an ‘A’ and ends with an ‘A’. (Nicola accomplished both 13 & 14 and the bonus: the Alvara label begins and ends with ‘A’, red buttons look awesome with gray, an eraser goes with graphite, read: gray, and a playing card with the letters mAK, thus earning her bonus points!)
  14. Find something that looks better with a little gray.
  15. Find a moody photograph of Brooklyn.
  16. Find something that works well in different positions. (ah-chem)
  17. Find something that writes right.
  18. Find something that’s worth talking about.
    **Bonus. Find something that has the letters AK or ALK on it.
After 2 hours at the Flea, we made our way to Alibi for drinks and the highly anticipated reveal, followed by an amazing dinner at The General Greene, and lastly, we ended the night with cocktails at Brooklyn Public House.

Thanks to Michael (the husband), Ami, Dan, Lindsay, Aaron, Micah, Nicola, Sean, Rachel, Jocelyn, Dave, Lissa, Alex, and Finn (or is it Fin?) for the best birthday ever!

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