Bookshelves for the Creative Reader

What happened to the old-school concept of a simple wall-mounted bookcase with books? A place where you randomly shelve your books, perhaps in genre groupings? Well our design-obsessed world has moved beyond and a bookcase is now as much a focal point as a work of art.


I have a tear sheet of this product hanging on my bulletin board at work. Of course I have no idea where I pulled it from, so I was psyched to find it on the LMNOP blog. I love how simple they are, but what if they were painted with chalkboard paint and you could label your book categories? Love, love.


I know this is not a new idea, but I am still smitten with it. My husband refuses to use the spine color as a reference point to find a book. But as we start packing our books for the move, I’m going to secretly pack them by color. Just in case. Found via Color Me Happy.


“Where’s my Catcher in the Rye?,” he asks. “Check Idaho.” Oh Ohdeedoh!

February 23, 2010| DIY Home, Grown-Up