Calendars In The Flesh

I used to look forward to buying a new calendar at the end of every year. I’m sad that this tradition died with the efficiency of the computer calendar. But it’s undeniable…the digital record can’t be beat. Thank goodness for people still making creative calendars…like these.


This perpetual calendar/journal from Design Sponge is my fave of the season. The idea is very simple — flip to the current date and at the end of the day, write down something that happened. Some days it is big things like “Annie took her first steps.” Other days it is small, like “needed more than one cup of coffee this morning.”


Instead of recording an event per day, this calendar from Brigada Creativa allows you to record your mood by drawing an emoticon on a yellow circle. How do you draw brilliant?


I love the Twenty Eleven calendar from The Moustache. No page flipping required.


I love the detail that went into this perpetual calendar by Chelsea Nordstom.
Screen shot 2010-12-28 at 8.39.50 PM
Screen shot 2010-12-28 at 8.40.00 PM
Screen shot 2010-12-28 at 8.40.11 PM

This calendar allows the user to arrange the year as one sees fit. Are the days ordered in a strict chronological fashion or does it appear more like a blur? Does winter feel longer that summer and so on. The individual dates are held in place by magnets, so each day can be moved around. The different days can also be used to hold in place theater tickets or reminders. By StokkeAustad.

Screen shot 2010-12-28 at 9.28.46 PM
You know those tear-off calendars with a word-of-the-day? Or a Cathy cartoon? Well here’s font of the day. For the love of fonts. Check out Typografie.

December 29, 2010| DIY Home, Everyday Crafts, Holidays