Circus Inspiration

I’ve felt very inspired lately by circus iconography…the striped canvas tents, the food-on-a-stick cuisine, the here today, gone tomorrow transience of it all. Here are some lovely finds that have contributed to these recent daydreams…


Super-fun circus tent ring found on Handmade Charlotte. (From Old Gold Boutique via Eat Drink Chic—a new blog for me that I cannot wait to explore!)

Picture 8

Sometimes getting the Anthropologie catalog is better than getting a real magazine. I’m duly impressed by this art direction and this woman’s balancing act.


Mwd104892_spr10_09_flower_girl_0454_xl   Mwd104892_spr10_21_mask_tree_1003_xl

Mwd104892_spr10_27_ceremony_1465_xl   Mwd104892_spr10_27_ceremony_1479_xl

Mwd104892_spr10_30_field_1756_xl   Mwd104892_spr10_31_dinner_1850_xl

And lastly, I simply can’t get enough of stationer Eunice Moyle’s whimsical wedding featured in Martha Stewart. She is from Hello, Lucky! and spared no creative moment on her wedding. Simply outstanding! Found via You are my fave and Inchmark.

March 16, 2010| Grown-Up, Jewelry and Fashion, Parties