Colored Pencils Galore

Why is it that a new box of colored pencils thrills at any age? I always hate to ruin the shiny points that line up perfectly in a fresh set. It’s definitely a universal feeling, as proven by these amazing examples below…

Jonnapohjalainen2   Jonnapohjalainen

Helsinki based artist Jonna Pohjalainen was inspiried to make this pencil sculpture during a summer Environmental Art workshop at the Open Air Art Museum in Pedvale, Latvia. Found via The Jealous Curator.

2007-09-26-twig pencils

If you are crazy about Jonna’s sculpture, you can buy a mini Colored Twig Pencil Set at A Toy Garden. Via Ohdeedoh.



And if you are really obsessed with colored pencils, you can subscribe to 500 Colored Pencils. You’ll receive 25 pencils for 20 months.  I love this quote describing it: It’s about enjoying an unhurried creative process and the artist, that over time, you become.  The names of the colors are amazing, like Tea with Milk, Autumn Fog, Miss Muffet, Pretty Polly, and 496 more!



February 15, 2010| Everyday Crafts, Gifts