NYC Craft Shopping

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It’s kind of amazing when your profession and your obsession are the same thing. I get to craft for a living. For reals, I’m not kidding. I get to wander slowly through craft stores, fabric stores, the flower mart (my favorite block in NYC) and if I’m caught day dreaming at work or playing with pipe cleaners, it’s totally excused. In fact, it’s celebrated.

The other day I had to do some craft errands to finish up a project and visited a few of my favorite sources. I plan on adding a sidebar list to TVH of my favorite stores (I have no problem revealing my secrets), but until then, I’ll be posting “Time for Craft Shopping” posts.

From left to right:

Best for buttons, ribbon, trim, iron-on, feathers: M&J Trimming

Best for cheap findings, wire, colored bells: Toho Shoji

Best for candy, candy, and more candy: Dylan’s Candy Bar

February 1, 2010| Decor, Everyday Crafts, Holidays