Cupcake Stands

I keep wondering what the next cupcake is going to be…is it the whoopie pie? The macaroon? The homemade marshmallow? None of these hold a candle to the preciousness of the c.c., so I seriously don’t see the trend going anywhere anytime soon. So let’s just commit to them. And what better way to show your dedication than to buy individual cupcake stands. Here are a few of my faves…


Love, love, love these sweet pedestals from Hello Hanna. Found via LMNOP.


The reveal of the cupcake would be oh so dramatic with this lovely ceramic stand by Whitney Smith. Found on Handmade Charlotte.


I would love a windowsill full of cupcakes on these stands from Farmhouse Wares.


Colorful little cupcake dishes by Michelle Miller found via The Peach Martini.

March 9, 2010| DIY Home, Food, Gifts, Grown-Up